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I’ll Show You How To Transform Your Negative Relationship With Your Boss To A Positive One So That You’re Happier, More Productive, And Stress Free At Work. 
You’ll receive guidance on how to address direct and indirect bad boss behaviors, developing the right approach, and achieving mutually beneficial outcomes.
Are you dealing with an overbearing, abusive, stress-inducing, or simply incompetent boss?

Do you wake up every morning dreading to go to work, and having to deal with a verbally abusive, know it all manager?

If that’s you, then you’re probably considering one (or maybe all) of these options: 


Sucking it up and staying put

Going to HR

If you don’t have the option to quit, hoping something will change can create a paralyzing work environment. You’re left wondering why your manager reacts negatively all the time to your hard work, and why he or she continues to give you negative reinforcement or belittle you in front of others.

Most of the time there isn't much HR can do unless your boss is explicitly breaking any rules (unfortunately you can't report people for just being a jerk).

I Know Exactly How You Feel 
I use to work for a Tyrant boss. At first, I thought there was nothing I could do to improve that situation. I needed my job because at the time, it was a tough market.

Through applying different techniques, I changed the way I interacted with my boss to achieve the outcomes I wanted. My experience taught me that effective communication is the #1 key to high productivity. This is true on a personal level and for organizations. 
What If I Told You That You Have The Ability And Power To Completely Transform Your Relationship With Your Boss?
Imagine waking up every morning, being excited to go to work, and happy with your current boss.

You might be thinking that this sounds totally unrealistic, but it’s possible. 

You CAN make your boss see that his/her negative reinforcement doesn’t help you or the company's growth.

There are ways you can communicate to make them a better manager, and you a better worker.

The problem is that sometimes, it's hard for us to imagine our workplace being any different than it already is. We accept the reality of the situation and keep trudging along and attempting to make the most out of a bad situation.  

Anyone who reports to a bad boss or knows someone who does understands the frustration and stress associated with the relationship.

 Tangling With Tyrants Is The Solution 
Tangling with Tyrants: Managing the Balance of Power at Work is an aggregate of all the strategies I’ve developed to help people manage their relationships with their bosses. I offer practical techniques and exercises to build a communication process that will help you transform your relationship. 
You’ll learn:
  •  How to stop the dead-end cycle of hoping, coping and compromise
  •  How to create a communication strategy that gets your boss to listen
  •  New ways of working to increase your job satisfaction
  •  How to transform an bad situation into a growth opportunity  
I provide you with the advanced tools you need to instantly build a results-oriented communication plan with your boss.You will explore aspects of your communication style and how to analyze your boss across critical management behaviors. After reading my book, you’ll have a solid strategy and long-term solution for dealing with any problematic boss.
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Why Listen To Me? 
I have an extensive background working with individuals and corporations in the areas of organizational design, human resources management, leadership, and development. As a career coach I've spent years coaching weary employees how to manage a difficult boss. 

Tony Deblauwe
What Others Are Saying About Tangling With Tyrants
Tangling with Tyrants became an instant hit on Amazon, hitting the bestseller list. And soon after several awards.

“"Tyrants" should be required reading for everyone in business. Throughout our careers we have faced and will likely face again managers with less than sterling skills. "Tyrants" focuses on how you handle tyrant managers and your particular situation rather than blaming the other person.

The exercises and tips throughout the book provide the reader with a roadmap of how to navigate these difficult situations. In my experience, so many people fall into the "victim" mode and lose their control over the situation. This book helps individuals regain control over their work lives and offers more than hope -- it offers a way to cope, a way to manage, and a way out.”

- John R. Anderson

“Tony Deblauwe's approach to dealing with an abrasive, domineering boss is both insightful and inspired. He avoids the path of the typical "survive your bully boss" books by providing the reader with a process for analyzing the dynamics underlying tyrannical workplace behavior and then offers specific steps to deal with the situation.”

- Laura Crawshaw, Ph.D

“Everyone meets up with tyrants in the workplace -- bosses, difficult clients or those demanding peers. The usual responses -- yelling at the dog or white-knuckling the commute -- just don't make a difference. Complaining to others, likewise. Tony's Tangling with Tyrants shows us how to keep our dignity and our power even in the face of the fussiest Princess with the smallest Pea. Practical advice and better yet, a truly understanding tone make it possible to change our behavior with astonishing results. I serve as an executive coach to many people who work with or for tyrants -- this book will be on their must-read list!”

- Debra Carpenter

Tangling With Tyrants:
  •  Is field tested - all techniques were used by actual employees to get results
  •  Has a wide audience - this book is great for employees, managers, and human resources
  •  Is a game changer - you'll be more effective fast 
This Book will take you on a ride of fully capturing and dismantling the bad situation, giving you a picture of the impact having these bosses can have on the future of your professional development.

Tangling with Tyrants has the capacity to majorly shift your environment, creating more productivity and enjoyment. It’s time your to take charge and get your power back! 
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